Monday, May 23, 2011

Remembering the unmatched spririt for life...

So, here I am, thinking again... how should I start my this post! I still lack the ability to start things, whatever it may be. Things are happening in a flick these days with me, around me and around the globe, but I am still stucked with my own little things... may be I am not globalized enough to worry enough.

Now that my year old roommateship has officially ended with Saee, Nidhi and Shilpa... I am realizing that I used to live there in a comfort zone. I don't remember anything memorable happened over there, if its not the fire at home on last night together... but it was only those simple n small things that made a huge difference. None of them were a pain in my head, but they were so open minded that I used to share anything without even giving a second thought.

I still remember the comment by Saee when she came to my new flat and asked "You choose this flat because no one was helping you out to get a new one and you want to prove that you don't need any1's help, haven't you!" and I still wonder, she knows me that well?!! There was a night when me and Saee both were crying because of the same issue in our lives, both lying on the edge of our bed and suddenly seeing each other crying for the same reason made us laugh stupidiously.

Shilpa was the one who made everyone at home to call me Cinderella that later on got minimized to Cyndi. She was the one who used to allow every girl in need to stay (including me). She was the one to call me up and talk so sweety "Kaisi hai tu, kaha hai tu" when I didn't show up one night right after I moved in, when I was unaware of the fact that I should inform someone at my flat.

I still have the comments and quotes of Nidhi as mental notes, that were made on boyfriend and things like that. She always used to bear my spicy khichdi in dinner, however she never liked spicy food that much. She was the one who could always be found making boldest comments about relationship, office life and the only one who managed to have a perfect balance of everything in her life.

Now, if anyone would claim heaven and hell lies on earth, I would completely agree with that... as now I know pleasure doesn't lies in big smiles and shiny things, but in small things that will touch your heart in such a way that you get addicted of it and when this pleasure goes away, it leaves behind an empty place that can never be filled.
As the spirit of these three will remain unmatched... the free soul that I used to be will always remember them as a mentor.

P.S. - I had a lot of other things to write here, but you three got over all the things and I hate you all for that.

IMP info- I wrote this stuff on 12 March, but since i wanted to upload this blog wid our pic, m now able to put this up.

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  1. oh sweetheart!! i am so sorry i read you blog this late. :(
    i miss you. i yeah, me too wish we had a longer stint together..