Friday, June 5, 2009

Mystical Life

Life... we keep on calling it a mystery, to make an escape from answers, to avoid standing before questions that may reveal the bitter truth. Why do we call it a mystery when its us, who really are the one and make the life so complex to be called a mystery. Every time the truth is right is front of eyes, but we ignore, we cheat ourselves for some moments of laughter and smile & yet we cry when it ends up with sheared hopes. But do we really cheat our feelings or we never bother to find out the reality & keep on walking just for broken or partial trust.There often comes a stage in your life when you had enough incident when your intuitions have been proved correct rather than the visual facts, yet you have had paid a big price to let it happen. You pray, you wish, you want to give yourself a chance to prove yourself wrong & want the visible things to be right. How exactly can you say that what you are thinking right now, is from your heart and not by your mind? It is the same comparison between the intuition, that is actually the analysis of minute or almost overseen facts & the big bold facts that are right before your eyes.

While reading this whole thing neither did I nor any of you readers might have realized that for the whole time, I was talking as a second person which actually happens when we have two separate images of self. The first image is what we act like in our day to day life, we play strong, work harder to improve & prove our self as the strongest that we can live without any kind of support, but the second hidden heath needs warmth, lives on the darker side & needs light to breath in. We live in a kind of world where we are totally unacceptable if we don't wear a smile on our face. There is no way left for one who dares to accept the failure, all we live is to win, win & win & may be in this cold rat race we have forgotten to live and cherish life, to stop, wait & let the going pass away, to get the fog of myth cleared to let the truth be revealed, so that we don't have to walk on the same dark road with the one step taken forward & other step walking away from the path, which eventually leads us nowhere to go. To some, this all means a truth & a fact of their own experience, to others, it may be just a piece of crap. But for both & for myself, I just want to pray:

Let there be such a rain that may wash away the tears that have been frozen inside; let there be such a dawn that wipes away all the dark clouds that had been there since a long & spread the light that enlightens the soul for eternity.