Monday, August 3, 2009

Silent whispers...

Omens… I know that many of us, who likes to live in fantasy world created around us, by the older people in their stories, will be familiar to this word; this is how they describe the mystical sign by the soul of universe which we called as God, have left for us, as a puzzle to be solved out at the correct time. I know that some people believes that “we see what we wants”, but have you ever realized that what is the thing that make our belief so strong that even our sense of sight is been captured by that. May be things just happen randomly and for a moment we get a sense of the super big chain of the activities that have already been done and those that are about to be done. What is the thing that links you up with this chain, does it choose you or you just got involved it in due to some specific reason. Do you Really don’t want to know the Answers of all these Questions or do you Want to, but afraid to face the Answer?

If you ask me, yes I am afraid sometimes to know the answer and sometimes I feel that I am prepared to know them, live them…may be that is the way I can find the reason of having this quest in my mind or may be it helps me to find the reason of my being in this world. If you consider for a moment, the presence of this super big chain of incidents to be true, you will feel that we are here to play our own part, to make it happen somehow. You just can’t imagine how a simple sms, a single second of getting stuck in traffic, even breaking of a glass can change someone’s life miraculously. Some of us are chosen to do things and the other ones are to support in letting those things happen in one way or the other. I know that this may sound like a part of a spiritual or intellectual book or a storyline of a sci-fi movie, but you are not bound to trust me… trust yourself, if you are not afraid of doing it…

Why would you see a person in your dream with which you have met an accident in your past, on the very same day when you again face an accident! When everything is just going perfect, why would you dream about a breaking up of trust upon someone, which later on turns to be true somehow! Have you ever realized that when you see or listen a particular song somehow, with which there is a specific person associated, you get in contact with that person, whether or not being planned! Why do you sometimes pick you cell just to check that have you got a call or text and within 5 seconds, it rang up! If you have any of these questions in your mind, then I am sure you can understand what I am talking about. What is the use of knowing things if you can’t change it? Do you really get to know these things just like that, without any reason or there is some reason that you need not to know at this time, but at some specifically correct time! Sometimes I got scared of these questions because its answers have not got anyway yet to come to me. Sometimes I am afraid of feeling anything because I know that one way or another, this feeling is going to be true. Sometimes I am confused that is it really meant to happen or my fear took over me and make me to be true. So, sometimes I wish that I can have so much noise around me that I can lost myself in it and forget myself… and rest of the other times, I think that may be these questions will lead me to the final destination, the main job that I am supposed to do in this super big chain of events…where we all are just supposed to do the things, at the correct time, in the correct order, to let happen what is supposed to be, no matter what it takes.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A mesmerizing moment

I don't know what to say... may be I am at peace, that can be momentary, but the one that I was searching since a long. How easy does it seems to imagine about a perfect life... to fantasize those moments that we had always wanted to live, the memories that we wished if they could have been created to be cherished, the words that must have been said to touch the heart, the voice that could have healed the soul...

We say, magic don't happen these days... but somewhere inside, we always pray for one to be realized. Even when we pray, we ask for the things that we never really wanted to be real. We live in a world that has two faces, one that we wanted to show and the other one... that we have had, as a treasure in heart, that never stops giving us hope when we want... to be lost, that console us that we are still true... when we have become that we never wanted to be.

Peace is a state that you achieve when you dare to sing with the symphony of this hidden world, when you make a stand to face the questions that you always tried to hide yourself from, when you just let go your dearest dream to find its own fate. Peace is when you let the wind pass by you and you take time to smell the fragrance of a long lost memory in it, when you look outside the window to watch how birds stares at you and not just make them fly away, when you don't even need a memory to make you smile... when there is just a feeling of hearing a voice from somewhere deep inside within you, that tells you that you are fine now.

How powerful can be the person who can just bring a smile on your face, without even seeing you or knowing you... how soulful can a thought be that can just bring you out of the blue without even letting you know that you have already lived a whole life with that thought and so now, you deserves to have the best of everything. I am at peace because I have been that thought for someone, once or twice... I have been the smile on someone's face, may be trice... I had once found myself in the screaming happiness of children when their joy have touched the sky, I have felt myself falling from skinny, old cheeks, as a tear of silent cherish that have fallen from the eyes where dreams have been abandon by responsibilities, where the whisper of a silent prayer still enchant. I had lost myself in the warmth of trust that can makes you purblind enough to see the odds, I was the shiver of surprise that was found out of the forms. I was an old letter once, that was written by a friend to share her world... I had closed myself in the eyes to feel the new hope, when the sleep wipes away all the sinful prides. But most importantly, it was me... who found the peace in the silent language of soul of the universe that leave me alone again with the lesson that peace cannot be achieve again and again from the same thing, but it is a thing that you can have from absolutely unpredictable ways, that you can just feel when you have paid enough price for it by being through the painful process of self-recognition... that waves me a sweet good bye with a sign that peace is not a thing that you can wish or work for to have it, but a breeze that you can just be able to feel when you really meant to.

Monday, July 27, 2009

when the high street looked so low...

Silence... used to be a cherish
a word to describe the enlightenment,
the comfort of having around
a dream thats so beautifully meant.

Silence... where no one can intrude
a peace that captivate the soul,
the light that brighten the time
even when the world outside is so cold.

Silence... has now become a pain
those moments... thats making me a stone,
the feeling of never being alone again
You have taken it back, all along.

Silence... a wall thats keeping us apart
curse of letting Your hand slipped away,
shiny days of laughter & smiles has flown
I wonder You saying, Thats all life's way!

So tell me how to fill this emptiness that resides
Silence is the only thing that kills me inside.
For memories has no hiding place
its just a way to know that I am losing this last race...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shear the world

Sleeping in the arms of despair

the broken faith leads me to a place,
where I wish, darkness be all around me
where I can put an end for this race.

Standing besides the stream of past
I can feel its coldness burning my dreams,
I wish if I can turn my heart into a stone
to destroy each & every light that can be seen.

Lets see what happen to me when destroyed
do I raise from ash or rest there in peace,
what happens when I live a life of stone
what it feels like to play with hope of own.

I want to loose myself in killing noise
when my voice is just lost to be found,
Just want to scream out the things that's
inside me
to destroy every circle that hold me around.

All I want is to set my world on fire
to burn every single hope & desire,
I knows things can never be the same again
neither do I want, that's my way to kill this
living pain.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Mystical Life

Life... we keep on calling it a mystery, to make an escape from answers, to avoid standing before questions that may reveal the bitter truth. Why do we call it a mystery when its us, who really are the one and make the life so complex to be called a mystery. Every time the truth is right is front of eyes, but we ignore, we cheat ourselves for some moments of laughter and smile & yet we cry when it ends up with sheared hopes. But do we really cheat our feelings or we never bother to find out the reality & keep on walking just for broken or partial trust.There often comes a stage in your life when you had enough incident when your intuitions have been proved correct rather than the visual facts, yet you have had paid a big price to let it happen. You pray, you wish, you want to give yourself a chance to prove yourself wrong & want the visible things to be right. How exactly can you say that what you are thinking right now, is from your heart and not by your mind? It is the same comparison between the intuition, that is actually the analysis of minute or almost overseen facts & the big bold facts that are right before your eyes.

While reading this whole thing neither did I nor any of you readers might have realized that for the whole time, I was talking as a second person which actually happens when we have two separate images of self. The first image is what we act like in our day to day life, we play strong, work harder to improve & prove our self as the strongest that we can live without any kind of support, but the second hidden heath needs warmth, lives on the darker side & needs light to breath in. We live in a kind of world where we are totally unacceptable if we don't wear a smile on our face. There is no way left for one who dares to accept the failure, all we live is to win, win & win & may be in this cold rat race we have forgotten to live and cherish life, to stop, wait & let the going pass away, to get the fog of myth cleared to let the truth be revealed, so that we don't have to walk on the same dark road with the one step taken forward & other step walking away from the path, which eventually leads us nowhere to go. To some, this all means a truth & a fact of their own experience, to others, it may be just a piece of crap. But for both & for myself, I just want to pray:

Let there be such a rain that may wash away the tears that have been frozen inside; let there be such a dawn that wipes away all the dark clouds that had been there since a long & spread the light that enlightens the soul for eternity.