Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sadda Haq

After a long time analysis of what to write about and what not, I cant fight this urge of jotting my thoughts up here when I "finally" got "Sadda Haq" song in my cell & listen to it. Was kinda amazed and happy to see that the international genre of soft rock has finally arrived in India and loved by most. Mohit Chauhan, as always, has exceeded the expectations and in most of the soundtracks, done a spectacular job of singing the feelings, and not just lyrics. Imtiaz Ali has already done a super job of creating a simple yet twisted fairy land love story like "Jab We Met", so I can keep my faith in him until the movie gets released.

I was in 11th standard, when I listened to a Rock song for the first time in my life. It was "Crawling in my skin- LP" and since then this "rock/metal" genre become my very own one. I think the only reason that people like something is that they can connect themselves to that particular thing, may it be a film, song, place, etc. I have always found myself willing to scream out the pain, frustration, guilt, incompleteness but I never succeeded. So, the reason for me, liking rock/metal is simple... they scream it out in situations when people just can't. Only thing that I wonder is, when I can respect people's choice for old songs, stupid lunatic blue songs, typical country songs, why can't they stop cursing the rock and metal bands and respect the choice of people like me! Well, recently I have been meeting a hell lot of people who thinks that only correct view is the one that they have got and other's one is bull shit, oops... I respect them too and think that they have a shitty... LOL.

Question is the reason that we all are alive. Questions always have a mystery behind them, some worth it, some don't, but all of them makes us curious and that's what keep the spirit alive in us. I am still alive and somewhere have that old spirit coz some part of me is still curious for searching the answers, chasing the unknown and face it; rest is now dead with hopeless fakes and lack of trust. I always get a crush on singers for their voice, as I always find them that much emotional and intellectual as I am, since I am also an artist (not in a literal way, I don't master any one art, but can perform many of them Literally). Most of the people who knows me, say that I am destructive or I like wars and all sort of bloody fights, that's true and it's not a fact. I like all such stuff coz there I get to see goodness killing/destroying the evil, people fighting to save a little righteousness, they act on a single call of their conscience and that is something rare to watch. I don't usually make people around me to understand me coz I don't find a reason to bother them with my own twirls and complexities as they have their own. But it hurts to hear something about you, that you are not, from people whom you think, knows you well and this could really be devastating and may kill your persona too. May be I am too ignorant or too careless to make them understand the real me or I find them incapable of understanding my view.
Recently I have found my own way to stop getting anger at people and welcome them with open arms, I try to find myself in them. Since the basic nature and the basic need is same in every living being... that is will to survive. Some try to make a view then try to keep that view protected and survive; others first survive and creates a view that is essential for survival. But in both cases, no individual should be blamed, since it's the situations and challenges faced, mould the personality. And that's where my real question comes in light...
" Whom should we blame for those situations, since this is a super big chain of action and reaction, having absolutely no one at the end?"
I am gonna leave this blog ending with a question, to keep mind busy finding answer so as to keep the joy and spirit of living alive.