Monday, August 8, 2011

Day of pleasant surprises

This week I celebrated the most fascinating birthday of my life. Only thing that i missed so badly was my dad, but may be coz of the fact that he wasn't there and no one wanted me to miss him, everyone tried to make it wonderful for me. That was the fact that made me feel so incomplete, but i don't want to disgrace the efforts of all the lovely people, so I am cutting it short.

One of my special friend almost gave me a heart attack when he brought me my most precious gift, cake and dessert for all of my roommates at my door step right at the strike of 12. I wish if only i could capture those moments to show it to everyone i know. Birthday can only be special if you have someone who cares about you enough to thank star each year for having you born on that day. This was something new that i learn only this year, well actually someone made me to realize this fact. And this is so logical, that is why, not all of your friends or relative wish you with the warmth as the others do, or be there for you to make it special. I have had lotsa lonely bdays, but the prize that i have got now for having all of those lonely bdays, has totally been justified now.

Enjoy both of the precious gift of my life in the pic. I wish you all, to have such a wonderful day every year in your life too, as i had this year.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Little missing things

Today, when I was travelling in bus, suddenly a song pops up in my music player… “kaise bataye, kyu tujh ko chahe” that made me to remember a specific day and moment from Mysore training days. It always amuse me, how a combination of song and situation make a moment to be remembered always, since I have some more song in my list that always make me to remember some particular event from my life.

I wish if only I could remember the poems too, it would have made the perfect combination as I have heard some of the brilliant poems in movie “ZNMD”. Simple movie with no story line, still it touch you somewhere deep down with its innocence. It seems to be made with such a precise care as a mother does for its challenged child. If I get to go on such a vacation, I would have chosen Ruchi, Rohini to go along with me, however I am not friends with them now and they were only friends with me and not with each other, but atleast they had the same spirit for life as I have. I was always lucky for having nice friends around but only few, matched my spirit. Sometimes I think I have missed the bliss of having such cherished friends, but I am still lucky enough to have some of them. I don’t need them, but I still want them to be there in my life… for friendship aint happen for any need or for any reason.