Friday, April 15, 2011


Recently saw the movie "He's not that into you"... that left me with a rebelling thought (that perfectly matches my current situation) FUCK THESE GUYs AWAY....
Why do we always let a guy to be in control even when we know right from the starting that its gonna happen someday that you will feel fooled and stupid to depend so much on someone who belongs to a species that have this universal genetic disorder of playing tricks and thinking about just self on the cost of other's happiness, just coz THIS makes them feel better. There is absolutely no reason that someone would like to live in this constant fear that you shouldn't do anything that would make the guy upset enough that he can mention this again that he is being nice enough with you even after whatever you have done... and that would again make you to feel sick as you have stopped being yourself just to make him happy and now, that doesn't even count. And yet, each and every girl will try to show off, how happy she is with his guy. Why the hell all of the guys are full of shit and can't let anyone whom they really like, to just live their life in their own way. No matter what kind of relation are you in with a guy, his universal genetic disorder will make you to feel like killing yourself someday or other and miss the day when your life used to be so free and peaceful.
.... don't look forward for a perfect conclusive ending for this post coz im still searching for it.

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