Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random thoughts on 22nd Sept

Due to recent change in situation or lack of time, i have given up putting all those hi-fi intellectual or whatever post in here. And starting to put on all the random thoughts and recent happening around.

why i do kept this pic for today's blog! Coz I remembered this song just like that and now it not getting out of my head. An i would like to mention that whatever be the rest of the stuff in this post, initial idea to write this post was the song, so i wont let anything else to take the priority and get its pic for this post.

Yesterday was a day, much celebrated in western India. The 10 day festival is basically for celebrating the presence of God Ganesh on earth. Historical evidence shows that it was started by Shivaji Maharaj, to promote culture and nationalism. It was re initiated by Shri Lokmanya Tilak, well known freedom fighter, who recognize the wide appeal deity of Ganesh as "god of everybody" and popularize Ganesh chaturthi as national festival basically to bridge the gap between various sub castes of Hindus and to build new grass root unity amongst people that helped to unity people and fight against British rule.
Well, so nice to read that our great leader were so thoughtful and we all share the same history as well... but what about present! How many of us can dare to say we all knew about the history behind this celebration... how many of us have are actually aware of all such deep rooted reason for celebration of such festival. I don't feel shy to say, i wasn't aware, infact while writing this, i searched some stuff on google and found it.
During all these 10 days, you may see all well decorated Ganesh statue all around you, with music been played loudly till late, irrespective of the concern towards common man who have to scarify his sleep for whole of 10 days and specially on 10th day. Thousands of people rush home early to get their family have a look at these beautiful statue of Lord Ganesh and they stand 24hrs in a queue, just to get blessed by god. Loud music keeps on playing for 10 days, ruining people's peace... and more to my wonder, yesterday I saw after completing all the rituals, two groups in our colony brought Dj system on a truck and were playing it on the road to make people dance, blocking the road of course... and both the groups kept on increasing the volume until they found it couldn't be increased after a certain limit and all this for a sake of stupid competition...
I seriously wana ask all those people, chanting and shouting "Ganpati bappa morya", where exactly is the real spirit of this festival? Why ordinary people have to stand in line for 24 hrs while so called higher class always get a way to have special visit to these famous Pandals? Why is people's peace is destroyed for music competitions at these festivals?

In this race of commercialization, even the faith in god has been served to people in a golden plate. Elder always keep on cursing the situation and time to be bad coz of present generation... have they ever cared to root the same faith and great thoughts in us. This generation do have great thoughts and share the same history, only coz of race of time and money, we don't have time to look back and so no one else does care to tell us the scene behind... I just wanted you all reader to be aware of the real meaning of this 10 day celebration of Lord Ganesha and pass the ideas on before it get vanished... As THY SAY, PEOPLE DIE BUT NOT THE IDEAS...