Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Looking back at a Golden Era...

5 Jan... this date got a new meaning for me in year 2010, when 4 small town people landed in the city of dream and despair. This was the date when these 4 people were chosen by the fate to stay together, out of which 2 were meant to be together.
It was 5 Jan 2010, when I started my career in the field that interest me the most. I want to steal a moment to look back towards the same date, when I was new to this city, completely ignorant towards future, I was here just to join my new site and make a career. My mind was full of hope and confidence towards my work and no other thoughts. I was ready to accept whatever wait ahead for me and was ready to mould it in the way I want... and here I am, writing about the day that seems to be just yesterday and yet, a whole era have been passed for me...

Almost everything that I used to know or believe has been changed in this one year. Some people travelled the distance from "unknown" to "someone special" and many travelled down to "known" from "very special". I remember myself vividly standing on foot board just to know what it feels like to be travelling in local or staying out till late just to know what it taste like Independence. A timeless city that don't count on the hours or days, but do count seconds and minutes. An old city that doesn't care if you get old, but do take care that you GROW old. I read somewhere a quote, "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them". I never even need to put a foundation when I thought about working in Mumbai, it was fate that took a turn and get me in here.

I had a job to earn, but I earned my friends; I had friends to love, but I loved my wish. There is nothing that I regret about since I came here, unlike other different places where I got to be. This city just welcomed me with arms wide open, nourished me with its experiences and healed me with the love that I have ever got in my life...

There is something typically strange about this place or may be the bunch of people that makes this a place... no matter where you go, you get a feeling that you have been a part of it, you are always welcomed warmly and you never get lost. Stroll between unknown faces and you will always find a piece of memory that you can co-relate with some face passing by, or travel anywhere, you won't be able to keep yourself away from getting cared by strangers. There is hardly any festival that goes unnoticed here. People in here actually search for some reason to celebrate the innocence that they have to left while pushing themselves beyond their own limits to reach the top of everything. Everyone everywhere is in hurry, but there is always someone to offer you a hand when you fall down. At times, it gives a feeling that this city have a living soul and watching eyes... it watches you through the corner of the road that you cross while listening music, it stares you when you watch out from a train's window and when your soul starts listening to the silent whispers of the city, it provides you a guardian angel to take care of you.

If it would have been just a job, I would say I hate it as everyone else does... but this is about spending a whole year here, that reveals its surprise at each period of time, brought me a new learning and wisdom to brew. I often hear people saying that there is no peace left in this city... there are moments when I have been at peace even when I am in a crowed local at peak hours. Every place that I visit, speaks a language that cherishes me if I offer myself as a silent and nonreactive listener.
It is not just about buildings and machines that make this city up, but something always happen to the people who come here. The living soul of this city transform them to be a part of it, to fill all the goodness that exist in the aura of this city, besides it keeps the demon inside you alive... so that you can test yourself at every step. This city gets you addicted of itself. Once you live here, it becomes part of you and no matters where go next, you always find a part of it alive inside you.

The four free birds that landed together in the shelter of this city apparently gets to grow apart, but I want to dedicate this blog to all 3 of them without whom I would have been all alone. We are on our own way of building our nest that we have always thought about, but even in this soulful city, when I needed someone to smile with or to cry on... I always find them as a resort from where I never have to walkout. I have found my guardian angel and don't know should I thank this place or it was just fate that brought it up to me, but without these three chapters of friendship, care and love... I would have been an incomplete book.