Monday, January 10, 2011


I have been living a life of nomad ever since I remember. Never had a place that I can say I belongs to, neither did I had a home that I can call as mine (coz of the fact that the home that I have now, no one stays over there). I have been brought up in Gwalior, a historical city that happens to bear my history too. I gained all the institutional knowledge over there. Almost all the first things in life that I have done or have had, happened to have its root in Gwalior. Infact I still carry a part of it in my life as my present friends and some sweet brothers and uncles. My Friends over there used to know me in a far different way that I have become now. I used to be a part of solution for them, no matter whatever be the problem. I still miss the gal within me, who used to live in her dreamland, yet aware of all the true world happening and had the guts to face the truth and make her dreamland come
true one day.

After completion of my graduation, I moved in Nasik- The city of MORONS.Everything thereafter starts to degrade to its worst since day 1. I got my first job in a company where Bitches and Son of bitches used to work(EXCLUDING 2, WHOM I FIND AS GEM AND KEPT TILL DATE AS MY TREASURED FRIEND), that I left after teaching a kick ass lesson to all of the deserving ones. I kept on changing job in search of good work place without knowing the fact that it was the city where every single person who is in relation with you won't mind to slaughter your throat for his own wishes and stranger may help you sometimes to get out the hell. The dearest son (Sujit GADKARI) of my dad's real sister(Suchita/Lalita GADKARI) and her husband(Ramesh GADKARI) killed the trust of my dad for few Lakhs, that eventually added to killing the mental peace of my family. These 3 sons and daugther of devil were my first suspects when I got to heard that dad and mom met an accident. I wished I would have cut their hands and snatch out their eyeballs when they arrived at my home later on 12th Nov. Then I got one more reason to hate, well hate is an understatement,despise this city. The person who killed my dad, so called paralyzed father of a doctor(Dr. IGLE of Jayaram Hospital, nasik), showed up how inhuman and mean people have become... that they kill a person on the street, bribe police and phew... they are out of every single trouble. No need to mention that police department is always known for its corrupted behavior, but here, a Doctor, who took an oath to save people didn't even cared when a person, whom his dad had almost killed, to have a look at and help to get saved.

I sometimes feels so proud of myself that whatever I am today, I don't need to share its credit with anyone else because I am a self made person; otherwise I would have been forced to have a suitor who don't even matches up to my ideals. I have already left that city of Morons and living in a soulful city, where I have been offered all the love of people, who once were strangers, but now have become a smile of some lonely moments.

People with whom I have shared my life with recently, always say that I am more of a destroyer and kinda negative. But I am giving out what I have received. And for sure one day I'll come back to destroy everything that holds a reason to change me against my wish, to get what always was mine, to acquire what I deserved and to make these MORONS feel, what I felt and to give away all the darkness that now resides inside me, to all those who had given it to me... in the same way that I have received it.

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