Monday, July 27, 2009

when the high street looked so low...

Silence... used to be a cherish
a word to describe the enlightenment,
the comfort of having around
a dream thats so beautifully meant.

Silence... where no one can intrude
a peace that captivate the soul,
the light that brighten the time
even when the world outside is so cold.

Silence... has now become a pain
those moments... thats making me a stone,
the feeling of never being alone again
You have taken it back, all along.

Silence... a wall thats keeping us apart
curse of letting Your hand slipped away,
shiny days of laughter & smiles has flown
I wonder You saying, Thats all life's way!

So tell me how to fill this emptiness that resides
Silence is the only thing that kills me inside.
For memories has no hiding place
its just a way to know that I am losing this last race...

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