Monday, August 3, 2009

Silent whispers...

Omens… I know that many of us, who likes to live in fantasy world created around us, by the older people in their stories, will be familiar to this word; this is how they describe the mystical sign by the soul of universe which we called as God, have left for us, as a puzzle to be solved out at the correct time. I know that some people believes that “we see what we wants”, but have you ever realized that what is the thing that make our belief so strong that even our sense of sight is been captured by that. May be things just happen randomly and for a moment we get a sense of the super big chain of the activities that have already been done and those that are about to be done. What is the thing that links you up with this chain, does it choose you or you just got involved it in due to some specific reason. Do you Really don’t want to know the Answers of all these Questions or do you Want to, but afraid to face the Answer?

If you ask me, yes I am afraid sometimes to know the answer and sometimes I feel that I am prepared to know them, live them…may be that is the way I can find the reason of having this quest in my mind or may be it helps me to find the reason of my being in this world. If you consider for a moment, the presence of this super big chain of incidents to be true, you will feel that we are here to play our own part, to make it happen somehow. You just can’t imagine how a simple sms, a single second of getting stuck in traffic, even breaking of a glass can change someone’s life miraculously. Some of us are chosen to do things and the other ones are to support in letting those things happen in one way or the other. I know that this may sound like a part of a spiritual or intellectual book or a storyline of a sci-fi movie, but you are not bound to trust me… trust yourself, if you are not afraid of doing it…

Why would you see a person in your dream with which you have met an accident in your past, on the very same day when you again face an accident! When everything is just going perfect, why would you dream about a breaking up of trust upon someone, which later on turns to be true somehow! Have you ever realized that when you see or listen a particular song somehow, with which there is a specific person associated, you get in contact with that person, whether or not being planned! Why do you sometimes pick you cell just to check that have you got a call or text and within 5 seconds, it rang up! If you have any of these questions in your mind, then I am sure you can understand what I am talking about. What is the use of knowing things if you can’t change it? Do you really get to know these things just like that, without any reason or there is some reason that you need not to know at this time, but at some specifically correct time! Sometimes I got scared of these questions because its answers have not got anyway yet to come to me. Sometimes I am afraid of feeling anything because I know that one way or another, this feeling is going to be true. Sometimes I am confused that is it really meant to happen or my fear took over me and make me to be true. So, sometimes I wish that I can have so much noise around me that I can lost myself in it and forget myself… and rest of the other times, I think that may be these questions will lead me to the final destination, the main job that I am supposed to do in this super big chain of events…where we all are just supposed to do the things, at the correct time, in the correct order, to let happen what is supposed to be, no matter what it takes.

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