Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shear the world

Sleeping in the arms of despair

the broken faith leads me to a place,
where I wish, darkness be all around me
where I can put an end for this race.

Standing besides the stream of past
I can feel its coldness burning my dreams,
I wish if I can turn my heart into a stone
to destroy each & every light that can be seen.

Lets see what happen to me when destroyed
do I raise from ash or rest there in peace,
what happens when I live a life of stone
what it feels like to play with hope of own.

I want to loose myself in killing noise
when my voice is just lost to be found,
Just want to scream out the things that's
inside me
to destroy every circle that hold me around.

All I want is to set my world on fire
to burn every single hope & desire,
I knows things can never be the same again
neither do I want, that's my way to kill this
living pain.

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